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KNOW Foods is the leading provider of grain-free food products. Based in Atlanta, KNOW Foods helps health conscious consumers achieve their diet and fitness goals by producing delicious, nutritionally superior, natural, non-GMO, grain/gluten free and exceedingly low glycemic index alternatives to traditional grain-based foods.

Products include: Cookies, Waffles, Bread Slices, Chocolate Chips, Muffins, Cupcakes, Buns, Wraps, Thins, Pancake Mix, Bread Mix & More!

KNOW Foods is focused on providing best-in-class offerings for the emerging multi-billion dollar market for non-GMO, natural, nutrient-infused and functional food.

KNOW Foods flagship products will effectively reimagine and effectively serve as a compelling alternative to grain-based foods.

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Customer Service Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM EST-6:00 PM EST

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