Why Choose KNOW Foods


KNOW This:

    NO GMOs
    NO Gluten
    NO Grain
    NO Wheat
    NO Soy
    NO Dairy
    NO Peanuts
    NO Yeast
    NO Preservatives
    NO Added Sugar
    NO Trans Fats

The first, unique, best and only intelligent food choices ...that just might change your life.

The first natural, non-GMO, grain-free and great tasting alternative to traditional grain-based bread that is gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut, soy, yeast, preservative and GUILT-free!

A unique formulation borne of art, vision and applied food science!

The best ranking on overall nutritional and glycemic index scales!

The only intelligent food choice that re-imagines bread itself.

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KNOW Foods' Superior Glycemic Index

Harvard University Glycemic Index Scale:
Water = 0, Pure Glucose = 100

The glycemic index measures how fast and how much a food raises blood glucose levels.

Foods with higher index values, like white and wheat bread, raise blood sugar more rapidly than foods with lower glycemic index values do (like KNOW Foods).

  Glycemic Index
KNOW Foods < 10
Whole Grain 51
Pita Bread 57
Sugar 58
Wheat Bread 71
White Bread 73
French Bread 95


Dr John Kennedy



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